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You aren’t interested in usual travel destinations? You want to see new terrain? Do something exciting and learn about different cultures and tradition?

Litauen entdecken_Opodo Reiseblog 2

Vilnius, the capial of Lithuania

If a clear ‘yes’ was your answer, you should definitely go to the Baltic countries and discover Lithuania! It awaits you with dreamlike nature, solid meals and historical sights. An unknown country full of surprises – with a capital that wants to be explored by you – 6 MustDos!

Explore Lithuania – Nice to know

Lithuania is the southernmost country of the Baltic states. It abuts on the Baltic sea. The westerly brings warm but moist air of the Baltic sea to the hinterlands. ‘Warm’ is relatively, if you think about the average annual temperature of 6,2 degrees celsius. No problem for 2.8 mio. inhabitants. Why? Because there are other advantages: The stunning nature! Over 14 percent of the land coverage are conservation areas. There are over 200 of it.

And then there is this beautiful capital: Vilnius. Do you know why it is called the Rome of the East?

Explore Lithuania – Nice to see

To Do #1: See some churches  it’s worth it

If you want to explore Lithuania you should definitely not miss the biggest city of the country: Vilnius. Over half a million people live here. Italian architects created beautiful baroque buildings. The historic city is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe. Moreover, there are a lot of churches and cloisters – this is the reason for Vilnius know as “the Rome of the East”. More than 50 churces are located in the city.

Choral Synagoge_Litauen entdecken_OpodoReiseblog
Choral synagogue in Vilnius

Apart from being compared to Rome, Vilnius once was one of the largest jewish centres in Europe. Thanks to the big jewish influence before world War II the city is describes as “Jerusalem of Lithuania”. Even Napoleon named it “the Jerusalem of the North.

Litauen entdecken_OpodoReiseblog

St. Stanislaus and St. Vladislav cathedral with its bell tower


To Do #2: Walk through the beautiful historic district

Next to all the nice cloisters and churches you should go for a looong walk in the historic district. It is located on the hillside of the Neris river. Vilnius’ historic city is numbered among the best preserved old city centres of Europe. Since 1994 it is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will find the most valuable historic and cultural sites really concentrated around there. Notice the different architectural styles. Although Vilnius is a baroque city, you can see Gothic and Renaissance buildings. 

AltstadtinWilna_Litauen entdecken_OpodoReiseblog

Vilnius, by the way, was named after the river Vilnia. It means wave. Nearby the historic town centre on the mountain of Gediminas flows the Neris river. How beautiful, right? 

Litauen entdecken_Wilna_OpodoReiseblog

Let’s go! I have to see this city.


To Do #3: The Gediminas Tower

If you really want to explore Lithuania you have to discover the Vilnius castle complex: Defensive, cultural and religious buildings – including the Gediminas Tower. The ruin site is located on the same-named mountain.

Wilna_Tower of Gediminas_Litauen entdecken_OpodoReiseblog

Gediminas tower 


To Do #4: Enjoy the view from television tower

Next to all he historic and cultural things you can do in Vilnius, there is a modern place of interest as well: The television tower. Neither because it is beautiful nor impressive, but it offers the best view on Vilnius. The television tower is 326 metre high and has an observation deck at 190 metre. A must see. 


Litauen entdecken_Wilna_2_OpodoReiseblog


To Do #5: Explore the Trakai Island Castle

Approximately 30 kilometre out of Vilnius there is the town Trakai. Just 5000 inhabitants live in tTakai, but: Here you’ll find the Trakai Island Castle. So beautiful! It was build in 14th century – in the middle of a lake (lake Galvé). Lithuanian grand dukes lived here. Nowadays it houses the history museum.

Trakai_Litauen entdecken_OpodoReiseblog

You want to convince yourself?

Explore Lithuania – Definitely try

We all know the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach – to really fall in love with Lithuania you have to try its amazing food. How about some lithuanian kitchen tips? Explore Lithuania? With your palate! 

Try the national dish cepelinai – traditional dish of stuffed potato dumplings. Grated and riced potatoes are stuffed with ground meat or dry cheese, sometimes mushrooms. It is typically served as starter with a sauce of sour cream, bacon and onions. As you can see the lithuanian cuisine is solid… and fatty. Delicious!

To Do #6: Try cepinilai!

Cepelinai_Litauen entdecken_Wilna_Opodo reiseblog

Cepelinai – hungry?


Who else wants to explore Lithuania immediately? “Geros kelionės” as they say or “Have a good trip”.

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