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Soon it will happen: Prince Harry (33) marries Meghan Markle (36). And the whole world wants to keep an eye on that: According to media reports over 2 billion people are expected to watch the wedding via television. On top of that, the biggest fans of monarchy travel to London for the royal event. What visitors can expect and why nobody should miss this spectacle – here we go.


Die royale Hochzeit von Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle_Oodo Reiseblog (9)

A very unique atmosphere

The enquiries for going to London around the wedding of the British most desirable bachelor Prince Harry increased enormously. 33% more travellers will fly to London the days before the royal event compared to last year at the same period, according to our analysis regarding the passengers figures from 17th until 19th May.*

No surprise, they want to be there live, when the royal spectacle makes everyone go crazy. The reverent attitude of the Brits and the proud glimpse to the royal family will be omnipresent. The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will go sky high. People burst with pride, “I am part of something big” – and this feeling is showing up in a hundred copies when there is such a big royal event – like the wedding of duchess Kate (36) and Prince William (35) in 2011.

Die royale Hochzeit von Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle_Oodo Reiseblog (3)

For their wedding thousands of fans of the British royal family were camping in bedrolls on The Mall. Why? To get a good place to watch the newlyweds. For this year’s wedding of prince Harry and Meghan Markle especially the Germans come to London. Followed by Spanish and French wedding tourists. Who else doesn’t want to miss the event? Because Meghan is from the United States, we could assume it would be the Americans coming a-flocking, right?

Faraway. Although the Americans do have a big favor for the British royal house, they just make it to rank 12 of the countries coming to London for the wedding. Instead there are a lot of Italian (4th) and Portuguese people (5th) visiting the city then. Austrians are in the top 10 as well. In comparison to the passengers figures of last year, the number increased by 93%! They must be really curious though, hm?

Even when you are no fan of royals you definitely should be there! The atmosphere will impress you so much. 


Impressive: The royal wedding insanity

There soon will be a lot of Meghans and Harrys around the city. You’ll  see their faces hundredfold. Euphoria takes over and it takes on crazy shape. At times of big royal events it is high season for the souvenir shops! As we have already seen it for the wedding of Prince William and Kate. 

Die royale Hochzeit von Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle_Oodo Reiseblog (6)

Want to get cheek by jowl with the bridal couple? For the wedding of prince William visitors of the Premier Inn could sleep in bedding printed with Kate and William. Another great idea back then: the British Pizza retail chain created a pizza in Kate and William design showing their smiling faces (actually really good though). For this year’s wedding you can expect some crazy, bizarre and creative ideas and souvenirs like that as well. There will be special Harry&Meghan porcelain, maybe condoms? The bride as Barbie? Or a replication of the engagement ring? 

You’ll have to see that yourself right?


A big spectacle 

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will take place in the St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. It is located one hour west of London. A lucky crowd of 800 guests fi in he beautiful, old and impressive chapel built in the 15th century.. 

Die royale Hochzeit von Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle_Oodo Reiseblog (7)

After the highly expected “Yes” pronounced by the lovers, there will be the highlight for all the Brits and tourists coming to the wedding: the carriage ride through Windsor. Here you come into play. Wanna catch a glimpse of the bridal pair waving and maybe kissing (in this case: lucky you)? This is the aim of thousands. Get a sneak peek of the bride, her gown, maybe the ring on her finger…a dream. 

Die royale Hochzeit von Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle_Oodo Reiseblog (5)

A trip to London will be worth it. All the atmosphere, euphoria, the people being happy and proud and passionate about this (hopefully) once in a lifetime event for Prince Harry. You’ll see a lot of people decked themselves out with British souvenirs, masks, flags, shirts. What a massive spectacle. 

Die royale Hochzeit von Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle_Oodo Reiseblog (2)

After the traditional carriage ride the pair will host their guests in the palatial St. George’s ceremonial hall. The festivities will take place to the exclusion of the public at a secret location. On the royal guest list there is the former US president Barack Obama and wife Michelle, the Beckham family and “Suits”-collegue Patrick J. Adams.

The beauty Meghan Markle hang up her acting career and deleted all her social media accounts. Now her dream comes true on the 19th May. Be there, when the city is packed with happy people celebrating love and the royal family.




*Based on the number of passengers travelling to London the three days leading up to the wedding – on 17, 18 and 19 May 2018 – compared to the same dates last year. Return flight bookings made across eDreams ODIGEO’s global websites, for arrival into all London airports. 

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