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Christmas is a time for family, celebration and …travel! As a nation we’re increasingly spending Christmas abroad for a break from the stresses of the festive season. But where are Brits heading this Christmas?

At Opodo, we’ve analysed data from our 2019 bookings to compile a list of this year’s top winter destinations. We’ll also take a look at the most popular places to go for the New Year.




Let’s start the countdown…


In 5th place is Alicante, Spain

Alicante in December

Brits are taking a break from grey skies and heading to the South East coast of Spain, on the Costa Blanca. Christmas here isn’t exactly tropical, with temperatures hovering around 18°C, but sunny days and blue skies are a plenty!

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Dubai takes 4th place

Dubai for Christmas

Dubai is popular amongst Brits during Christmas thanks to the pleasantly warm weather, and of course the shopping! 

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Tenerife comes in 3rd place

View from balcony Tenerife

The 3rd most popular destination for Brits to go at Christmas time is Tenerife. It’s the ideal winter holiday destination thanks to its proxomity to Africa. Furthermore, there are many low cost airlines that fly here from the UK.

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Lisbon is the 2nd most visited destination

Lisbon tram

Frequent and cheap flights from the UK make Lisbon easily accessible. Interestingly, Lisbon was 2018’s top winter holiday destination. Which destination took its top spot?

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The first place goes to… Drum roll please…

Bangkok, Thailand!

Bangkok China town

One of Asia’s main travel hubs, Bangkok is this year’s most popular destination for Christmas amongst Brits. It’s the stepping stone to many other exotic places, and is a truly magical experience in it’s own right. 

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Top 10 destinations for New Year’s Eve

Dublin was last year’s most popular destination for New Year’s Eve, but it’s slipped to third place this year. Instead, Brits are favouring destinations further afield such as Cape Town and Bangkok. 

These are the top 5 destinations to ring in the New Year of 2020:

1    Bangkok
2    Cape Town
3    Dublin
4    Tenerife
5    Amsterdam


*Data collected from all eDreams ODIGEO flight bookings made between 01/01/2019 – 22/10/2019. Departing from the UK between 21/12/2019 – 29/12/2019 (Christmas holiday destinations) and 30/12/2019 – 05/01/2020 (New Year’s Eve holiday destinations).

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