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A Little About Gdansk

A weekend in Gdansk lets you explore the city's fascinating maritime history, visit an eclectic collection of museums, and sample wonderful local food and drinks. Once a home of the Teutonic Knights, today Gdansk is one of Poland's cultural epicentres. Famous for its port, the picturesque Long Bridge (actually an embankment) encompasses all that is both old and new in the city, in one charming locale.

Spend your mornings traversing Gdansk's historic squares before heading for lunch and tucking into pierogi. A flight to Gdansk gives you the opportunity to discover the hidden delights of this lovely city.

What Should I Know Before Visiting Gdansk?

Once you book your flight and hotel for Gdansk, you'll arrive at Lech Wa??sa Airport, just 13km to the west of city centre. There are a number of flights from London to Gdansk and from Manchester to Gdansk every day. The new PKM rail line connects the airport and downtown. Taxis are also readily available. Once in town, most of the attractions are located in the central ?ródmie?cie district, and you'll be able to walk pretty much everywhere, although can also get around by tram and bus.

Poland is one hour ahead of the United Kingdom and, unlike most other European countries, they use the Polish z?oty, not the euro. If you're travelling on a UK passport, you don't need a visa for city breaks in Poland.

When Is It Best to Visit Gdansk?

The winter weather begins to dissipate around the beginning of March, and Gdansk comes alive. Spring and summer, until late September, are the best times for city breaks in Gdansk. The harbour becomes lively, and the outdoor bars and restaurants fill with locals. The summer is also rarely too hot, with average temperatures ranging from 17°C to 19°C. Travel on package holidays to Gdansk over the festive season, however, and you can secure some fantastic deals, as well as experience the city's wonderful Christmas markets and holiday atmosphere.

What to Do In Gdansk

Considered one of Europe's most spectacular port cities, there's plenty to do on a weekend in Gdansk. The ?ródmie?cie district is divided into two, the Main Town and Old Town. Main Town is home to attractions such as Neptune Fountain, the Town Hall, and Artus Court, the historic meeting place of merchants, knights, and aristocrats. The Long Bridge along the banks of the Mot?awa River is a wonderful place for an afternoon stroll or to stop for a beer or a glass of wine.

Outside of the city, there are plenty of places to see including the 19th century Gdansk Lighthouse, the 17th century Wis?ouj?cie Fortress, and charming Gdansk Zoo. When planning your flight and hotel for Gdansk in summer, you can also work in a little beach time on Poland's Baltic coastline. The beach resort town of Sopot is right next door.

What Must I See in Gdansk?

Churches and cathedrals are numerous here. If you have an interest in the ecclesiastical, some of the most impressive buildings to see are St Mary's Church, the Royal Chapel, and Oliwa Cathedral, three very different but equally fascinating structures.

City breaks in Gdansk are wonderful for museum visits, as there are institutions covering everything from the Second World War to European solidarity. Some of the highlights of the museum scene in Gdansk include:

  • Amber Museum: Learn about the city's medieval history as a trading port for this fossilized resin.
  • Archaeological Museum of Gda?sk: Besides archaeological findings, the museum has a lookout tower offering great city views.
  • European Solidarity Museum: Learn all about Europe and the former Eastern Bloc's resistance to communism.
  • National Museum in Gda?sk: Enjoy the last couple hundred years of Polish art.
  • Wyspa Institute of Art: Set in a former shipyard, this non-profit endeavour is home to contemporary art.

What to Eat in Gdansk

Polish cuisine is hearty and flavourful. Enjoy at least one plate of the nation's national dish, pierogi, while in town. These dumplings can be stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, meat, and more, and are served with a bacon or vegetarian gravy. Traditional milk cafes, once subsidised by the government, are today the perfect place to sample local favourites like beetroot soup, bigos, goulash, and roast pork knuckle. There is also a bit of craft beer scene; you can try local brews at the bars Jopengasse or Brovarnia.

What to Bring Back from Gdansk

Amber jewellery, clay guardian angels, and colourful Polish dolls are all excellent local crafts to bring back from package holidays in Gdansk. Beer tankers bearing the country's national emblem are easily picked up around town. Pierniczki is a local type of gingerbread, especially popular at Christmas, and can be purchased in bars or bite-size pieces to share with your family and friends.

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