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Iran Air

About Iran Air

Iran Air is the oldest of any Middle Eastern airline and has a history going back to 1944 when it was founded as Iranian Airways Company. It is Iran's flag carrier airline and is based in the national capital, Tehran. It has two hubs in the city, one at Tehran Mehrabad International Airport and another at Tehran Imam Khomeinei International Airport. It also counts Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz and Mashhad as focus cities. It has a 23-strong fleet made up of Airbus, Fokker, ATR and McDonnell planes.

Iran Air flies to nearly 60 destinations that are a mixture of both domestic and international locations across multiple continents, but primarily places with an Iranian population. As Iran is a Muslim country its Hajj flights to Jeddah are very popular. Other popular destinations served by the airline include Amsterdam, Hamburg and London. It has a codeshare relationship with four other airlines including Austrian Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines .

Online check-in

Passengers cannot check in online for Iran Air flights. The airline recommends that passengers check in at the airport as early as 4 hours before their flight, however it's important to note that check-in counters only remain open until just 1 hour before a flight is due to take-off. At the airport check-in counters, passengers will need to show travel documents such as a passport and visa in order to receive their boarding card and check in any baggage they may wish to have carried on their flight. Any passengers that require special assistance at the airport, such as the use of a wheelchair, should contact the airline as far in advance as possible to arrange this.

Hand luggage allowance

Hand luggage on an Iran Air flight is limited to a maximum of 5 kg per Economy class passenger and 7 kg per Homa class passenger. This must be contained in 1 bag that cannot be larger than 50 x 35 x 20 cm. Passengers may also take with them a coat, newspaper, book, camera, umbrella or notebook at no extra cost. If a passenger exceeds their hand luggage allowance, they will be charged to have their overweight or oversize hand luggage checked into the aircraft's hold. The airline does not allow pets to be carried in the plane's cabin.

Checked baggage allowance

Each cabin class has a different checked baggage allowance on all Iran Air flights. Passengers flying in the Economy class cabin can check in up to 30 kg of luggage, while passengers flying in the Homa class cabin, which is the equivalent to Business class on other airlines, can check in up to 40 kg of luggage. In addition to these allowances, infants are able to check in up to 10 kg of luggage, Sky Gift Silver card holders can check in up to 40 kg of luggage and Sky Gift Golden card holders can check in up to 50 kg of luggage, regardless of the cabin class they will be travelling in.

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