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With the United Kingdom being the number one overseas market for tourism in Las Vegas, it’s obvious that Sin City is an attractive destination for flights out of the UK. But we’re not going to tempt you with statistics alone, because the best part about Las Vegas is that getting there is about to get easier as British Airways has just added non-stop service from Gatwick to Las Vegas. This is the second service with BA for direct flights to Las Vegas out of the United Kingdom, with Heathrow to Las Vegas being the first.

So why exactly do you need to visit Sin City? How about because it’s like you’re taking a round world trip within one city. This feeling is thanks to not only the international tourism, but also to the spectacular hotels, each with their own theme. You can visit Italy, New York, France, and Egypt without stepping foot outside of the desert city. Take a look at what we mean…

Visit the Place du Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo Hotel, Las Vegas
Monte Carlo Hotel by Christian y Sergio @ Flickr


A tropical paradise during the time of pirates

Treasure Island, Las Vegas
Treasure Island by Squiggle @ Flickr


 See the Italian town of Bellagio on the Lake Como

The Bellagio, Las Vegas
The Bellagio by matze_ott @ Flickr


Egypt’s treasures modernised

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas
Luxor Hotel by Kate McKenna @ Flickr


A mythical Arthurian castle

The Excalibur, Las Vegas
The Excalibur by John Pozadzides @ Flickr


 Cross the Rialto Bridge and take a gondola ride in the canals of Venice

The Venetian, Las Vegas
The Venetian by Jag_e @ Flickr


 The “City of Lights” transported to the desert

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas
Paris Hotel by Gouldy99 @ Flickr


Conquer the Roman Empire

Caesar's Palace by Derek Purdy @ Flickr


Have a mini slice of the Big Apple

New York New York Hotel, Las Vegas
New York New York Hotel by Curtis Cronn @ Flickr

So what do you think? Where would you head to first on the Las Vegas strip?

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