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The best beaches and natural swimming pools

Ponta de São Lourenço

This peninsula of volcanic origin is formed by the islets of Cevada, or Desembarcadouros, and Ponta de São Lourenço. It is the site of the Madeira Natural Park and its fauna includes one of the world's largest colonies of yellow-legged gulls.

Porto Santo Beach

You'll love the beautiful island of Porto Santo. It is cosy and very safe, with beautiful beaches of fine golden sand, islets of many shapes, unspoiled mountains and a calm turquoise-blue sea. It breathes peace and well-being.

The Seixal natural swimming pools (north coast)

Known as "the most beautiful region in the north", Seixal deserves a special mention.
It has a large beach of black sand and natural swimming pools in an idyllic setting of amazing volcanic rock and lush mountains. There is a calm, comfortable atmosphere at the pools, with a bar a few metres from the water.
Rent a lounger and enjoy wonderful days in the sun. Admission is free.

Whale watching with "On Tales": an unforgettable experience

Many people don't know or even imagine that the coast of the island of Madeira is rich in marine wildlife. One of the many activities available in the region is to take a boat trip and observe dolphins and whales in their natural habitat.

These animals are to be seen in plenty throughout the year, with several companies specialising in this activity to provide you with a unique experience along the coasts of our wonderful Madeira island.

see details of the activity here

The Porto Moniz natural swimming pools

These are probably the most famous natural swimming pools in Madeira, located in Porto Moniz on the north coast, and are a must when visiting the island. It's always a pleasure to gaze at these volcanic "treasures" through which the sea water flows freely. They have shallow areas and other areas where you can enjoy diving. There is good access for people with reduced mobility. An entrance fee is charged.

A fascinating underwater world around the Madeira and Porto Santo islands.

Their rich biodiversity, an average temperature of 21ºC and good visibility are some of their greatest advantages. You don't have to travel long distances to find a good diving spot. You can stay in a hotel with its own diving centre and there are many professional diving clubs available to you, such as Focus Natura, Rhea Dive and Explora Madeira.
Another feature of diving in Madeira is that, in addition to the places accessed by boat, you can also dive directly on beaches like Galo, Reis Magos and Caniçal.


Many experiences to discover

  • Some moments take on an even more unforgettable dimension when shared with the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. Madeira welcomes its visitors with open arms and offers unique moments to thrill anyone who visits. Much more than a trip, it is a collection of memories: the farmers' market, the basket sledges and the old town are some of the best

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  • The gastronomy of the Madeira islands mirrors their straightforward, generous, hospitable people. To eat Madeira style is to savour its wine, honey cake, black scabbardfish, limpets, its bread known as "bolo do caco", bananas, tuna steaks, fried maize, meat skewered on bay laurel branches, the house couscous, wheat soup, etc. Still want more? Because the list goes on, with delicious treats to make you go crazy

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  • Also very typical and something quite different, enjoyed as an aperitif or a digestive, with unique aromas and character, Madeira wine has won followers all over the world. It is a generous wine that has been produced for over five centuries on the slopes and vineyards of the delimited wine region of the island of Madeira. Anyone who has already tried it knows what we are talking about and anyone who hasn't yet should do so.
    Madeira's embroidery represents art and tradition, of quite amazing quality and detail, evident in each of its pieces.
    The cloth used is linen, silk, cotton and organza, and the illustrations follow traditional and modern patterns. When the embroidery is finished, it is stamped with the word "unique" that makes each piece even more exceptional and special

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  • Can there be anything more comforting than a great massage or a pampering session after a walk through the mountains on the famous "levadas", a series of paths following old irrigation channels? Whatever you do, always take a little time to relax and enjoy a few moments.

    The spas are most frequently located in hotels with modern, high-end facilities. The equipment and care are highly professional and are often inspired by the natural products found on the island, such as honey, Madeira wine or vegetation. Everything, absolutely everything, is waiting for you on your visit

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  • Located in a bay washed by the Atlantic Ocean on the south coast, Funchal is the capital of the island of Madeira. It is a city full of history, cosmopolitan, cultural and lively, and the biggest tourist centre on the island. Its name comes from the word "funcho", which means fennel, a herb that grew in abundance when the island was first settled.
    With the form of an amphitheatre, the city of Funchal extends over a basin from sea level and rises to an altitude of 1,818 m, at Pico do Areeiro.
    There is a great variety of landscapes and fun is guaranteed throughout the year, with stimulating and entertaining events

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The natural park
Madeira Natural Park was created in 1982 and is classified as a biogenetic reserve. With its unique fauna and flora, it occupies almost two thirds of the island. If you want to visit this reserve, you will find many spots to explore.
You can start with Madeira Natural Park but don't forget that there are also nature reserves on the Desertas and Selvagens islands. And finally, immerse yourself in the marine reserves (Reserves Marinhas) of Garajau and Sítio da Rocha do Navio and in the Porto Santo network of protected marine areas (Rede de Áreas Marinhas Protegidas).Santo.
Laurel forest
There are incredible places that awaken our senses and mark us forever at whatever time of the year we visit them. One of Madeira's greatest attractions is the lush native vegetation characteristic of Macaronesia. Its combination of tropical and Mediterranean features and their range of colours and scents will take your breath away. Madeira's native forest, the Laurel forest or "laurissilva", designated a Unesco Natural World Heritage site in 1999, is one of the main reasons to travel to the Madeira islands. Get ready to discover landscapes full of colour and movement to dazzle and surprise you, and to awaken all your senses. The "laurissilva" forest is characterised above all by its huge trees. However, due to its geographical location, its moderate Atlantic climate and its relief, the island of Madeira is also the habitat of a great variety of other plant life.

The natural wealth of the Madeira islands is not limited to its vegetation. It goes much further, displaying an enormous variety of plant life. The bird life is also outstanding and bird watching is one of the activities you can take part in when visiting the islands.
In addition, this fairytale natural space has numerous trekking routes, ideal for fans of walking and discovering incredible places.

You can see some of the routes here
Gardens and parks
Madeira is known all over the world not only for its natural beauty, but also for its gardens and parks which, almost like an exhibition and very well kept, present a great variety of flowers, plants and trees to their visitors.

Their aromas fill the air and give the island its natural perfume. A visit to these gardens shows that it is possible to introduce nature fully into the cosmopolitan environment of a city. Their unique combination of factors makes them incredibly fascinating and a natural haven to relax in and forget about the stress of daily life.

In Madeira's gardens you will discover a little more of the island's charm and see what results from combining the island's fantastic climate with its fertile soils. A spectacle you will not find easily in other places – at least not in such a way!

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