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American Airlines

About American Airlines

American Airlines offers both cargo and passenger flights and is one of the world’s largest carriers. It has expanded services in several tropical locations and its fleet includes purchases from Bombadier and Embraer. American Airlines flights are well managed, partially thanks to this simplification and expansion of its regional operations. It has a regional partnership with American Eagle, and covers almost 6, 700 flights every day, carrying passengers to 50 nations. It also has an alliance with Oneworld and has earned a position on Fortune Magazine’s best business turnarounds list. It has several partnerships with other airlines including Alaska Airlines. Its fleet is dominated by Boeing, Airbus, and McDonnell Douglas aircrafts and consists of more than 220 planes, the largest of which carries 304 passengers. It serves luxury and standard economy passengers, and has won awards in both categories.

How do I check in online with American Airlines?

The American Airlines check-in process is convenient and quick. It has self-service airport kiosks for rushed travellers, but you can check into your flight online or through the American Airlines app between two and 24 hours before your flight. These times are significantly more forgiving than those of Fiji Airways, which requires you to pass through the check-in counter three hours before foreign flights. You’ll need to produce a valid passport and visa if you’re travelling offshore. Simply click into the trip management page and select the appropriate dates. You can find your reservation via your name and record locator. Choose how you’d like your boarding pass to be sent to you and then print it out. When you arrive at the airport, you’ll need to check your luggage in at the bag drop or check-in counter and present your boarding pass. Online check-ins aren’t permitted if you’re travelling with an animal, infant, or oxygen device. Only those connecting with American Airlines, American Connection, and American Eagle can use the online tool. You should arrive at least an hour before your domestic flight.

What is my checked baggage allowance on American Airlines

The American Airlines baggage allowance is a standard 23 kg. Luggage dimensions are calculated by measuring length + width + height, and must not exceed 157 cm, with a limit of two items of luggage per traveller. These limits are in keeping with industry standards, such as those offered by Finnair. Overweight and over-sized luggage must be covered by a nominal fee. Passengers who need special assistance must travel with medical documents related to their treatments and must declare any prescriptions they’re carrying. Special needs include extra space requirements, assistance for the hearing impaired, pregnancy support, medical device assistance, and extra room for mobility tools. If you’re flying with a partner airline such as British Airways, you’ll need to request help from that airline in advance. If you’re travelling with dangerous items, they must be declared. Alcohol is allowed in your carry-on luggage if it’s sealed and correctly packed, but lithium batteries may not be carried in checked-in luggage. Broken lithium batteries won’t be allowed in carry-on luggage either. Blades, knives, and cutters must be packed in your checked-in luggage, along with any firearms you’re carrying. If you need to take sports equipment with you such as golf bags or fishing lines, you may be charged an extra rate, which will be priced by size and weight. Alcohol allowances vary according to the country you’re visiting but are generally limited to five litres per person.

What hand luggage can I take on American Airlines?

American Airlines hand luggage size should be a maximum of 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm. In addition to your carry-on bag, you may take a personal item like a purse or laptop bag. Travel-sized toiletries must be in clear zip-lock bags and shouldn’t exceed three ounces. Scissors and metal tools are barred from hand luggage if their cutting edge is larger than four inches, but safety razors are permitted. Liquids, gels, and aerosols need to be separated into 3.4 ounce containers. This limitation includes toothpaste, mouthwash, and lotion. Firearms aren’t allowed, but ammunition can be carried if it’s well-packed. Dairy and meat products are generally not allowed, but there are seasonal and airline-specific limitations, so always check into the site before you travel. You’re allowed to travel with solid snacks, which don’t come with size limitations. Phone chargers can be taken onto the plane provided they’re not packed into your hold luggage.

Where does American Airlines fly from?

American Airlines’ headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas. It has primary hubs in Charlotte, Chicago, Philadelphia, and other states. It maintains its fleet at Tulsa International airport through the parent company, American Airlines Group. American Airlines destinations include 95 foreign countries and 95 domestic ones, in addition to those provided by American Eagle. Its primary routes include:

  • Los Angeles to Auckland flights
  • Miami to Montevideo flights
  • Miami to La Paz flights
  • Miami to Brasilia flights
  • Los Angeles to Tokyo flights
  • Miami to Manaus flights
  • Miami to Belo Horizonte flights
  • Dallas to Merida flights

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