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Region of Valencia: the Mediterranean, Live!

Experience a rich land, full of sunshine, all year round

The Region of Valencia is renowned for its beaches and sunshine. The pleasant climate all year round, with 300 sunny days, make this an ideal destination in any season. The same light that ripens the scented oranges will accompany you on your adventures, whether you want to see the sea or the mountains. A trip for the senses to taste, smell, hear and fill your eyes with the Mediterranean. Let us show you some of the many possibilities this land offers you, full of tradition and modernity, history and technology, nature and culture. Get your fill of life, taking in the diversity and richness of a region that will awaken all your senses.

Discover the Region of Valencia

Sea and beaches

Its 500 km of coast has more blue-flag beaches than any other region in Spain. Enjoy the variety: from Gandía beach, to with wide spaces and many facilities, to the most hidden coves, such as L'Esparelló de Villajoyosa, with white stones and turquoise waters. Come breathe the Mediterranean all year round!


The Region of Valencia is also one of the most mountainous parts of Spain, with places like Els Ports in the province of Castelló: a land of contrasts, mountains and open valleys, with natural spaces full of wild fauna. The perfect setting to visit hermitages, farmhouses and monuments that emerge from the stone. Enjoy the great variety of landscapes!


The good news is that the Valencia Region's sunny climate means summer does not end in September! Enjoy fishing, sailing, diving courses, surfing, paddle surfing and other nautical activities all year round. Plus skydiving, kayaking, bird watching and cycling and walking routes in the Natural Parks. Outdoor adventures to feel full of vitality!


Now's the time to reconnect with Mother Earth! The Valencia Region lets you enjoy nature while respecting it and contributing to its preservation in the most sustainable way. Immerse yourself in the depths of a forest, or take advantage of the light-pollution-free night skies to be captivated by the immensity of the universe with some stargazing and astrotourism.


The sea, fields and orchards and mountains are the source of Valencia's prestigious gastronomy. A cuisine, in which tradition goes hand in hand with innovation and creativity, fed by local products: artichokes from Benicarló, red prawns from Dénia, rice, tiger nuts and citrus fruits from Valencia province, nougat from Alicante province. Taste the Mediterranean!

Culture of flavours

One of the best ways to get into Valencia's gastronomic culture is to take part in one of the courses at the Valencia Rice and Paella School. And to learn and enjoy at the same time, savour the experiences of oil and wine tourism, delving into the secrets of the region's best olive oils and wines.

Enjoy all year round

  • The city of Valencia has a city within a city. This majestic cultural and scientific complex, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is a small futuristic city that merits a careful look at its buildings from the outside before visiting each of its 6 main spaces. The largest marine zoo in Europe, Oceanogràfic, is certainly a good place to start. It houses specimens of the planet's main marine ecosystems, with more than 500 species: beluga whales, penguins, sharks and fish of a thousand colours. A marvel for children! To continue astonishing young and old alike, next you can visit with the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, with permanent and temporary exhibitions dedicated to science and technology. A very special place to learn and experiment - taking in scientific knowledge has never been so much fun! Hemisfèric, the most emblematic building in the complex, will surprise you both inside and out. Surrounded by water, this eye-shaped building houses an IMAX Dome cinema. The Reina Sofia Arts Centre is home to the Valencia Opera; the main hall of this fish-shaped building can hold up to 1,500 people. In contrast, Ágora is a multifunctional space for all kinds of events, from sports competitions to fashion shows. And if you are getting exhausted by so many stimuli, take a break in the Umbracle, an open space with local plants and flowers, ideal to relax in and keep on enjoying.

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  • Morella, an inland town in the province of Castelló, is well known to people in Valencia for its beauty, and has been recognised nationally by being included in the network of "The most beautiful towns in Spain". With its unique location, set among mountains, it is very historic, as its mediaeval town walls, the Santa Lucía aqueduct and, above all, its castle, continue to remind us. The castle's privileged location, on a huge rock called the "Mola" that looks down on the town, has undoubtedly contributed to making this castle one of the most imposing fortresses on the Mediterranean. The fortification Islamic in origin, dates back to the 13th century and has seen many civilisations pass by, each contributing over its history to transforming its architecture. It has witnessed historical figures such as Abd al-Rahman III, El Cid, Jaume I, Antipope Benedict XIII, Saint Vincent Ferrer, Ferdinand I of Aragon, the Prince of Viana and General Cabrera. The castle consists of a parade ground, the Governor's Palace, the cistern, the Pardaleta tower, the Cacho prison, the remains of royal palaces, keeps and official pavilions, all divided on three levels. On the first level is the entrance and the Governor's Palace. The artillery batteries were located on the second level and the castle itself was located on the third level. The entrance for visits is at the Convent of San Francisco.

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  • An essentially Mediterranean city, Benidorm will surprise you with its variety of settings. Known for its skyscrapers, the vertical city is among the best skylines in the world, along with important cities like New York and Hong Kong. At the same time, it has not lost its roots in the tradition of fishing families. To recall this maritime past, just take a walk through the old town: Calle Mayor street or Plaza de Canalejas and Plaza del Castillo squares will transport you back in time to discover a charming cultural legacy. Plaza del Castillo square has a spectacular vantage point, considered "the terrace of the Mediterranean" for its unparalleled views of the coast. In contrast, the Town Hall is one of the most modern buildings in the city, one of its horizontal skyscrapers, its windows decorated with the names and surnames of Benidorm's most famous citizens. With more than three hundred days of sunshine a year, you will not lack opportunity to enjoy its beaches. To the north, the coves of Tío Ximo and Almadrava are ideal for diving, peace and solitude. On the other hand, the Levante and Poniente beaches, separated by the popular promenade, are known for their wide range of leisure and restaurant services. In the old town area, you'll find Mal Pas, a charming and extraordinarily beautiful small cove, and facing it, the Island of Benidorm, a paradise divers and lovers of marine activities.

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Mediterranean LIVE

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