When is the best time to book flights?

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When is the best time to book flights? Should you book early in the winter, or rather spontaneously at the last minute during the summer? And on what day of the week can you find the best deals and cheapest flights? Weekdays or the weekend? In this study, we analysed Opodo's average flight prices from all throughout 2015 to answer the age-old question.

The conclusion of our price comparison study shows that flights are cheapest overall when booked on Tuesday and during the month of December. There is a considerable difference for domestic flights, where prices are much cheaper on Tuesdays, by 17%, and in December where prices are a whopping 44% cheaper. For short-haul flights, you can save a lot of money if you book during the month of January and for long-haul flights the best month to book is December.

If you're looking for the best bargain, continue reading for detailed information and tips on how and when to book the cheapest flights.

The best days to book cheap flights

Best time to book

The best days to book cheap flights: Tuesday & Sunday

  • With savings up to 17%, there is a considerable difference when it comes to booking UK domestic flights. Because of this it's worthwhile to wait until Tuesday rolls around before you buy.

  • Even for short-haul flights (e.g. city breaks within Europe), it's worth it to keep the best time to book flights in mind. Although not as impressive, you can save 2% on average if you book on Tuesdays.

  • For long-haul international flights, again the price difference is not as pronounced, but you can still save on average 1.32% if you book on Sundays. Because of this, it's advisable to pay attention to special deals and offers from the airlines.

The best month to book cheap flights: December

  • When it comes to booking cheap flights, the best month to do so is December for domestic and long-haul flights (44% and 6% cheaper respectively), whilst flyers can get the best price for short-haul flights in January which are on average 11% cheaper. The most expensive month to book domestic and short-haul flights is February, whereas long-haul flights are most expensive in March.

  • You can save up to 44% on flights within the UK if you book them in December.

  • Short-haul flights are especially worth considering booking in January, as they are on average 11% cheaper than flights booked during the most expensive month, February.

  • On the other hand, Long-haul flights are cheapest when booked during the month of December. Holiday-goers can save up to 6% on average if they choose to buy their flight at this time.

Flight price analysis: The best time to book flights. All destinations and flight types were included in this study (Study: Jan 2016).

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