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The imperial cities

Discover the hidden treasures of Morocco on the road to the imperial cities

What is there to see in Morocco's imperial cities?

  • Start your trip to Morocco with the most iconic town: Marrakesh. Stay in a fabulous riad and enjoy the activities in the red city. Stroll around Place Jemaa El Fnaa and its multicoloured souks, wander around the Medina to discover the local craftsmanship inherited from know-how handed down from generation to generation. At prayer time, you will hear the song of the muezzin rise from the minaret of the Koutoubia mosque. The Guéliz and Hivernage districts give Marrakesh a contemporary look, with luxury boutiques, banks, tea rooms and cafe terraces.

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  • Let Morocco's capital transport you through the country's history. Explore the narrow streets of the former twelfth-century military fortification, Kasbah Oudayas, and its surrounding gardens. Nearby, you will see the imposing walls of the ancient necropolis Chellah, an ideal spot to relax amongst gardens, storks and ancient relics. The city is alive with musical and cultural festivals throughout the year. During your stroll through Rabat, you'll be able to admire the Hassan Tower, a monument built nearly 1,000 years ago. Rabat perfectly embodies Morocco's identity: a blend of tradition and modernity.

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  • The city of Fez was the seat of numerous Moroccan dynasties, undoubtedly choosing Fez because of its distinctive aura. Travel back in time while wandering through the Medina, and discover the famous tanneries and the characteristic smell of hides as they are turned into leather.

    The Royal Palace stands only a stone's throw from the centre. Although the palace does not allow visitors, its architecture will astound you. Take a break in the stunning grounds of the Jnan Sbil gardens next to the palace. While in Fez, you'll also have the opportunity to visit Meknes. Wander at your leisure through this open-air museum. The Meknes medina is Morocco's largest and oldest. We recommend hiring a local guide to discover its secrets.

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Activities and sports

For you, holidays are anything but idle! You like to find and surpass your limits, setting yourself new challenges.

A sporting stay

Mountain adventures

If you like mountain adventures, visiting Marrakesh is a must. There you can venture to the Middle Atlas Mountains. Depending on the season, ski down the slopes or climb Mount Jebel Toubkal. The view at the top is well worth the 3 days of walking to reach it.

Feet in the water

Water sports enthusiasts? Between the beautiful waves of the beach at Foum El Bouir and beach PK25, a kitesurfing spot for taking off and performing tricks, we've got your number in Dakhla. And you surely cannot pass up the Pointe du Dragon. The landscape alone is worth the diversion!

Brush up on your swing

Did you know that Morocco boasts exceptional greens? Golf at the base of a Meknes wall, place your tee in the middle of Agadir's sand dunes, or in a palm grove in Marrakesh... Choose your favourite backdrop!

Moroccan cuisine

From iconic dishes such as couscous to dessert, foodies will be thrilled during their stay in Morocco. Here are some Moroccan delights that should not be passed up.

For the foodies

From the Souk right to the plate…

Let your senses transport you to the heart of a Moroccan souk. Enjoy the bewitching scents of colourful spices: cumin, coriander, cinnamon... Buy your favourite spices to recreate the flavours of your trip.

And to top off your shopping trip, take the time to enjoy a traditional mint tea.

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Couscous in all its forms

Couscous. Just the name of this dish is a voyage in itself. But did you know that there are several varieties? When in Marrakesh, try Seffa, a couscous with cinnamon and almonds. Head to Essaouira for a succulent fish couscous. And while in Rabat, order their seven-vegetable couscous. You won't regret it!

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Tagine and tradition

While in Marrakesh, seize the opportunity to taste Tanjia Marrakchi, a spiced meat dish. This dish is traditionally prepared in a tanjia, a terracotta pot, and cooked for several hours in the embers of a wood oven in a steam room.

Stay in Marrakesh

Between land and sea

Seafood lovers, we've got a spot for you in Essaouira. Whether it's the sardine dumplings or tasting the catch of the day at the market... you will be spoiled for choice. The Moroccan capital of Rabat has many other specialities on offer such as m'killa, a meat cut into strips and prepared with coriander and spices.

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Ancestral recipes

When in Fez, we recommend enjoying b'stilla (or pastilla), a sort of pie made from meat, almonds, eggs and spices, and of course Harira, a soup of dried vegetables and tomatoes of Andalusian origin.

Discover Fez

Moroccan pastries and sweet pleasures

Do you have a sweet tooth? Go to Agadir to taste the Amolu, a spread made with almonds, honey, spices and argan oil. You may already know about the virtues of this oil for the skin and hair, now discover its taste! And of course, don't miss out on Morocco's tasty oriental pastries made from honey such as Chebakia.

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A wellness weekend in Morocco

Need to escape? Morocco is the ideal destination for a weekend wellness getaway!

Ancestral wellness traditions
Argan oil, rose water, black soap, henna... These natural products with widely proven virtues are the basis of Moroccan wellness rituals. In addition, to enjoy care during your trip, consider buying these products in a souk to enjoy every day.

The hammam is Morocco's most famous wellness ritual. It's a journey of the senses. As soon as you enter a spa, you will be immersed in a warm atmosphere. The benefits for the body and mind are numerous: less stress, elimination of toxins, improved circulation… You will feel full of energy after this treatment! Top it off in style by treating yourself to a delicious mint tea.
In addition to a traditional hammam, you can also enjoy other treatments as beneficial for the body as for the spirit. Plan for example:
● balneotherapy in Marrakesh,
● thalassotherapy in Agadir,
● or simply a relaxing moment the Moulay Yacoub thermal spa.

Explore the natural riches

Beaches of fine sand, snow-capped mountains, the desert… A varied change of scenery on your holidays in Morocco is guaranteed!

An oasis under the stars
Spending a night in the desert is the most exotic experience. Marrakesh is the gateway to the Sahara. Lose yourself amongst the dunes, leave the bustling cities and noise of the souks behind you, and immerse yourself completely in the immensity…

Imagine yourself set up in a comfortable camp, a blanket laying across your legs to protect you from cool desert, lost in the myriad of stars scattered across the sky. And at dawn, you'll marvel at the colours of the sunrise stretching out its rays across the sand. Certainly the stuff dreams are made of.
A little sea air
Sand of course, but with waves! We will be pleased to welcome you in Agadir on one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Take the time to stroll along the seafront and admire the sunset over the ocean. But many other treasures are to be found at Agadir! For nature lovers, discover the eucalyptus forest, the birds valley or, close by, the Souss Massa valley.
And if sea views transport you, discover the Nador lagoon in the north of the country.
Rabat, an eco-friendly city
The town of Rabat is committed to an eco-responsible approach. The town landscaped 230 hectares of green spaces where the inhabitants and tourists can enjoy a moment of piece and cultural events. We recommend in particular a visit to the Andalusian Garden of the Kasbah of the Udayas or a walk in the Ibn Sina forest.

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Useful tips
Do you want to go to Morocco but still have a lot of questions? Here are our tips to prepare your stay.

Do you need a passport to travel to Morocco?
Yes. Since 2015, visitors must have a valid passport to travel to Morocco. However, French citizens need no special visa.
When should you go to Morocco?
Spring and early autumn are the ideal moments for your trip to Morocco. You will avoid the sweltering summer and rainy season.

Morocco, a musical experience

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