Experience the world’s best nightlife on your next city break

Jetting off for a city break can be a chance to unwind and discover a new destination. Sightseeing is one aspect of a city break but once the sun goes down, many places take on a different personality as the city’s nightlife comes into play.

However, with so many international destinations to choose from, the problem can be choosing exactly where to go. This is only a temporary issue though, because this handy quiz will quickly narrow down the possibilities and highlight the best nightlife cities for you...

Title page image of car in Paris

I want to taste world-class nightlife during my next city break. Where should I go?

It’s time to get away and take a break from everyday life, but what do I want from my next city break?

Photo of Rome

A healthy mix of fascinating modern culture, epic history and amazing food.

Photo of Dubai

A once-in-a-lifetime experience. I live for extravagance - go big, go loud or don’t bother.

Photo of Marrakech

Seething souks, highly "grammable" sights and humble cultures.

Photo of Tokyo

Give me weird and wonderful - the bigger and more bizarre, the better.

Question default background image Rome Paris background image Dubai Vegas default background image Marrakech Istanbul default background image Tokyo New York background image

We’re jetting off this weekend - what am I throwing in my suitcase for my next city break?

Footwear that can take some punishment and plenty of romantic intentions.

My loud shirt and plenty of bling.

A headscarf, long, loose-fitting clothes and some electrolyte tablets.

An open mind and an extra large camera memory card.

When it’s time to hit the hay, what kind of accommodation will I be staying in?

Photo of Paris Hotel

Super stylish studio apartments where I can still hear the buzz of the city streets in my bed.

Photo of Vegas Hotel

Quirky kitsch or an ultra-cool boutique hotel - just as long as it’s crazy and over the top.

Photo of Exotic Hotel

I like my temporary digs to rock opulent exotic vibes.

Photo of Tokyo Capsule Hotel

I’ve always wanted to sleep in a capsule. If there’s a massive Godzilla hand on the wall, bonus.

Question default background image Rome Paris background image Dubai Vegas default background image Marrakech Istanbul default background image Tokyo New York background image

So much to see, so much to do, what am I going to prioritise during my city break?

Shop for the latest fashions at expensive boutiques in between visiting world-renowned museums.

Only the most indulgent and exclusive activities will do.

Barter myself a bargain then ride a camel through a desert.

If it’s big, brash and unbelievable, it’s on my to-do list.

What kind of food do I want to eat during my city break?

Photo of Restaurant

Only the best restaurants in Europe will suffice.

Photo of Burger

Manousheh or an artery-clogging burger bigger than my head - I’m easy.

Photo of Meat Dish in a Wok

As long as it’s meaty or spicy, I’m good.

Photo of Noodles in a Bowl

Bacon, bagels, burgers or maybe noodles.

Question default background image Rome Paris background image Dubai Vegas default background image Marrakech Istanbul default background image Tokyo New York background image

It’s almost time for the return flight, what kind of little trinket will I pick up to remember this city break?

A world-class bottle of wine, a cute little Eiffel Tower or maybe a postcard of the Pope.

A Persian rug or some playing cards.

A printed purse.

An "I *heart* NY" t-shirt, some quirky stationery or some limited edition Kit Kats.

Photo of Rome Photo of Rome
Photo of Paris Photo of Paris

Culture and fine dining holiday: Rome or Paris

You love to experience the museums and best restaurants of Europe’s finest capitals. You love to see the latest fashions and shop at expensive boutiques.

Photo of Dubai Photo of Dubai
Photo of Las Vegas Photo of Las Vegas

The sky’s the limit city break: Dubai or Las Vegas

You want to go where the lights shine brightest, the buildings are the tallest and the service is top level. Once-in-a-lifetime, stay up all night city breaks.

Photo of Marrakech Photo of Marrakech
Photo of Istanbul Photo of Istanbul

Tiled courtyards and heady spices escape: Marrakech or Istanbul

Your dream trip involves getting lost among the narrow alleyways of the souk or bizarre and your Instagram is calling out for shots of geometric tiled courtyards and mounds of spices.

Photo of New York Photo of New York
Photo of Tokyo Photo of Tokyo

The buzzing metropolis weekend break: New York or Tokyo

You can’t beat a classic, so why try? Timeless capital cities have the best of all worlds - from towering buildings and world-class museums to tradition, culture and incredible food spots - both big and small.

City breaks with great nightlife


Italy’s capital comes backed by almost 3,000 years of epic art, architecture and culture. Once you’re done investigating the ancient ruins and admiring the Eternal City in the day; nightlife in Rome presents no shortage of options. You’ll be able to choose from a wine bar crammed with more than 1,500 bottles, jazz venues, late-night clubs, hip cabaret shows or a hotel bar serving the best martinis in town.


Everyone needs to see the Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa at least once in their lifetime. However, there’s so much more to the French capital and that’s especially the case when it comes to nightlife. You’d expect nothing but the best from such a major European city and naturally, nightlife in Paris can be anything you want it to be. A raucous cabaret bar or a romantic stroll down the Seine. Plenty of beers in one of the thousands of bars or a laser-lit nightclub. It’s all on offer in Paris.


If luxury is a priority then Dubai is sure to tick all the boxes for your next city break. The UAE city’s taste for the lavish and extravagant is matched only by its lively nightlife scene. Dubai’s diverse and rich nightlife consists of everything from glamorous cocktail bars to casual Irish pubs to booming nightclubs, all backed by some of the most spectacular views on the planet.

Las Vegas

Situated in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, this resort city doesn’t do anything by halves. It is famed for its vibrant nightlife and 24-hour casinos, with The Strip - Vegas’ main street and focal point - stretching for over four miles. Aside from themed hotels and elaborate replicas of the Eiffel Tower and Egyptian pyramids, Las Vegas lets you go as crazy as you dare.


Home to mosques, palaces and gardens, this Moroccan city buzzes with hectic, thriving marketplaces in the day, yet once the sun goes down, Marrakech’s nightlife kicks in. Moroccan laws means the selling of alcohol in view of a mosque is prohibited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a drink. With bars tucked away down side streets, Marrakech’s night scene boasts a speakeasy feel. As such, the city’s nightlife is refreshingly laid back and social.


This major Turkish city is where continents collide, acting as a magical meeting place of East and West. After seeing the bazaars, mosques and palaces in the day, Istanbul’s nightlife comes alive with a unique and eclectic mix of hip rooftop bars, basement jazz cafés, traditional Turkish folk venues and über-cool dance clubs.

New York

It’s the city that never sleeps and New York didn’t acquire that world-leading accolade accidentally. New York nightlife can involve anything from watching a classic at the city’s only non-profit cinema to sipping a Manhattan at one of the many legendary jazz bars to basking in a swanky lounge with sweeping views of Times Square.


Japan’s manic capital merges the ultramodern and the traditional, with neon-lit skyscrapers and historic temples. It doesn’t matter whether it’s morning, noon or night, it’s always party time in Tokyo and you’ll find some bars are just as packed at 4am than they were five or six hours earlier.

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