Planning your educational vacation: Revealing the bucket list of holidays with children that will enrich their learning

A family holiday is bound to be a fun experience for you and your children, but it can be so much more than that. If done properly, your next trip could be an educational one, helping your kids learn and develop without sacrificing any of their enjoyment. And there are clear benefits to doing so.

The best educational kids' holiday

Holidays with children are great fun, but they can also be educational. Whether you take your child to visit a famous art gallery, an old monument or simply let them absorb another culture, you will be increasing their experience of different things. Introducing this kind of variety into a child's life can be a real boost to their creativity and imagination.

Top destinations for National Parks

  1. Iceland

    Delight in Vatnajökull National Park

  2. Argentina

    Enjoy Iguazu National Park

  3. Croatia

    Appreciate Plitvice Lakes National Park

  4. Bristol

    Experience Exmoor National Park

  5. Utah

    Blow your mind in Arches National Park

  6. Valencia

    Wonder at Gulliver Park and Oceanographic

Taking children to historical buildings and museums has the benefit of helping them put the past into context, making it more real for them and improving their understanding. It's no surprise that an educational holiday can therefore make your child more engaged with their lessons and more likely to do well in school.

It can help them better visualise history, art and more by seeing these subjects in real life, not through the lens of a classroom. A good trip to experience this is New York where you can visit American Museum of Natural History, Children’s Museum of the Arts, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's even been found that children develop a stronger vocabulary by looking at and describing art; not bad for a kid's holiday!

Top destinations for Historical Sites

  1. Naples

    Explore Pompeii

  2. Athens

    See The Acropolis

  3. Paris

    Stop by the Catacombs

  4. Rome

    Walk through the Colosseum and Roman Forum

  5. Egypt

    Enjoy the pyramids

  6. London

    Drop by Stonehenge

What about taking your kid to a bizarre city like Dubai ? There's the joy of watching your child experience another country, hear a new language and interact with people who act differently from back home. This can be eye-opening , and is likely to result in your kids having a more open mind, being more tolerant and even being better at problem solving, as their diverse experience allows them to see things from new perspectives.

Top destinations for Outdoor Activities/Wildlife

  1. Fuerteventura

    Visit Oasis Park or Calderon Hondo Volcano

  2. Galapagos Islands

    Tour to Santa Cruz Island to watch giant turtles

  3. Toronto

    Admire Niagara Falls

  4. Costa Rica

    Watch wildlife at Caño Negro Reserve or swing in at a Canopy tour

  5. Namibia

    Go safari in Etosha Park

  6. The Azores

    Do whale watching or swim with dolphins

Planning an educational kids' holiday

So, how should you go about getting an educational holiday together? The first thing should be to think about which aspects you want to emphasise. Do you want to immerse your child in the buildings of an ancient civilisation such as Athens , or improve their vocabulary and appreciation with some of the world's incredible museums and art exhibits in Barcelona ?

You're unlikely to have only one answer to that question. In fact, many families have a bucket list of educational destinations to visit before their children grow up. This can be a great idea, giving you a range of experiences that the whole family can enjoy. It also allows you to plan around your budget and circumstances, year by year.

Top destinations for Museums

  1. New York

    Visit the American Museum of Natural History

  2. Paris

    Taste at Chocolate Museum

  3. Barcelona

    Have fun at CosmoCaixa

  4. Zagreb

    Play at Museum of Illusions

  5. Berlin

    Get lost at Labyrinth Children's Museum

  6. London

    Go to Science Museum

To help you start your family holiday bucket list , we've put together an infographic taking you through everything you need to know about taking a trip that will help your children learn and develop as they have fun. Simply click here to find out about the world's best educational vacation destinations!

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